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The Toasted Oak Wine Bar & Grill is literary located at "ground zero" in the heart of BC's wine country (click here to see map below).  Our strategic location on highway 97 in downtown Oliver, Canada's self-proclaimed wine capital, ensures that we always have our finger on the pulse of BC's wine industry.  We are prominently located in Oliver's historic "old firehall" building - our home since opening this exciting project to the public in August 2003.

Oliver's unique positioning as the Okanagan Valley's last remaining true rural agricultural community (both town and rural district) has seen exponential growth in its surrounding wine industry in the last 25 years.  With a full 17 wineries slated to be operating by the spring of 2007 in the immediate rural district, and hordes more within a one hour drive of downtown Oliver - it only makes sense that we find ourselves at "ground zero".

Oliver's location here in BC's hot and dry desert type topography of the south Okanagan Valley finds this community surrounded by the distinctively different terroirs of the "Golden Mile", and the "Black Sage Bench".

The environs of Oliver also include the more recently planted and thriving vineyards located to the east of Oliver's Tuc-el-Nuit Lake.  One of the leading vineyard owner / operators in this location is Andy Marsel of Blue Terrace Vineyards, who views this enclave of top producing vineyards as the yet to be recognized competitive "North Bench".

River Rock Vineyards (The Kane Family), Mystic River Vineyards (Wild Goose Winery,) and the well appointed Blue Terrace Vineyards (The Marsel Family) are just three of the numerous boutique vineyards now staking their claim on this tract of desirable land.

The Black Sage Bench delivered Canada's 2005 All Canadian Red Wine Winner to Sandhill Small Lots 2003 Phantom Creek Syrah grown on Richard Cleave's property of Phantom Creek just north of Black Hills Estate Winery.

In similar award winning style, the 2005 All Canadian White Wine Winner also originates from within the confines of Oliver.  Located on the thriving "North Bench" is its longest established vineyard - Mystic River - owned by Okanagan Falls based winery Wild Goose.  Their award winning 2004 Geurztraminer was grown exclusively on this Mystic River Vineyard property.

We could easily go on flying the flag for the Oliver and its rural district.  Instead, we invite you to come out our way and discover for yourself why Oliver truly is Canada's wine capital.  Be sure not to miss all that we have to offer here at the Toasted Oak Wine Bar & Grill and in our independently owned and operated VQA Wine Shoppe.



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